Partial Spyral Staircase Entanglement

by The Mynd Gardeners




THE MYND GARDENERS - “Partial Spyral Staircase Entanglement” (Smashed Rec.)

The Mynd Gardeners forthcoming “Partial Spyral Staircase Entanglement” digital mini-album is fab to the bone!!! The opening track “Shadow Man” is a cool garage-psych-pop jewel, with killer spy guitars, sure the highlight of this release!!! A big fave!!! “East of Where” is a nice, a trippy psych tune, dealing with unexpected-treks, packed with Eastern approach, haunted by Syd Barrett’s spirit! “Psyched-Out Wave” is a cool psych-pop number, a journey through the waves/gates of time packed with lysergic guitar work and psych-out vocals, while “Wylde Fingers” is a really cool song, reminds me a little Rain Parade’s “Explosions In The Glass Palace” era!!! “Dream Garden” is a moody-psych-pop track with mesmerizing melodies and bubbly-up organ that will make your day & night!!! Last but not least “Away”? Another marvelous story!!! Actually sounds like a trippy, cool’n’mutated cover … kinda like The Moffs’ legendary track “Another Day In The Sun”!!!

Spiros Pelekis – Rumble Skunk magazine (Nafpaktos, Greece)

MYND GARDENERS - Partial Spyral Staircase Entanglement.

If you are close to this fine Aussie band I think that you’ll agree with me … as the tyme goes by, the Mynd Gardeners experimenting their sound in new sound waves and tunes. Their brand new digital album (I could never imagine that the day that I’ll review a digital release is so close) presenting six new songs available for downloading. “Shadow Man” with the classic James bond’s spy riff is a fine mid tempo garage pop song with catchy guitar rhythm & great vocals. I am stuck on this one! 'East of Where” sitar and tabla driven song giving an east atmosphere to this psychedelic gem. “Psyched-Out Wave” a bit of psych, a bit of pop, fine guitar and up-tempo rhythm … I like it!
“Wyld Fingers” you can smell the psychedelic atmosphere from the mid 80’s when bands like Garden Path, Rain Parade, gave their own dimension to the neo psychedelic scene. "Dream Garden" dreamy psych pop song! “Away” sounds a bit like the Moffs – ‘Another day in the sun’. Great! Awesome in any case!

Peris Mihos – Lost In Tyme magazine (Greece)


released April 10, 2013

All songs by R. Belton except 'Wyld Fingers' by M. Storm.



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