The Arcing Train Set Pantograph

by The Mynd Gardeners




"Simply FAN-TAS-TIC!"

Pacopepe Gil - Plastico Elastico radio show, SPAIN

"Fresh 60's psyche pop with shiny vibes, the missing link between ancient and modern psyche gonzos. Like Frisco freaks White Fence jammin' with The Mamas & Papas in Lee Hazlewood's ranch!"

Gildas Cosperec - Dig It magazine, FRANCE

"One of my fave Aussie bands, The Mynd Gardeners are back with 6 new recordings. My good friend Rohan, send me the songs and I'm really impressed with their sound. Old school garage and power pop sound, bring to my mynd the great period of the 80’s scene. '20 plus club' is a great garage stomp with fine guitar sound and exploding rhythm. 'Wait for what will come' is a melodic psych pop song with dreamy vocals. 'Dead out of fashion' power pop at its best!!! Back to the late 70’s. 'Living toys' is another cool garage stomp. 'Turnaround' this song blows up my mynd… a brilliant garage pop anthem with great up-tempo rhythm. It reminds me a bit of the US band, Manual Scan. 'Don’t wanna cry' is a nice moody garage song. The Mynd Gardeners are in their best musical period and these six great songs are the proof!"

Peris Mihos - Lost In Tyme magazine, GREECE

"Adelaide band returns to the fray with new themes, in principle in digital format with a wide mix of influences, the sound of the loaded garage fuzz is embodied in the opening track on this album '20 plus club', the effluvia psychedelic arrive with the first chords of kaleidoscopicos 'Wait for what will come' and one of my favorites out of these guys mental gardens reminiscent of the most creative Beatles, the guitar on 'Dead out of fashion' still messing around so with acoustic psychedelia and folk to derive an issue with large doses of pop that makes me remember the Steppes of the Fallon brothers. The return of the basic sounds of the garages in the decade of the 80's with titles like 'The living toys' or 'Turnaround' and memories of stamps that worshiped and the scene was forged in the Big Apple alive in my memory with names like Vipers , Cheepskates or Tryfles, small doses of fuzz, melodies and vocals that are recorded in memory and guitar riffs as adorable as simple to close with the sounds halfway between the instrumental b serious police and garage sound effects Theremin and eternal images of holiday effervescence of youth in a few decades ago".

Oscar Garcia - Kick Out The Jams radio show, SPAIN


released August 27, 2014



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